Batman: The LEGO Movie Review


Batman is a classic that everyone knows and loves so when I first saw that LEGO were doing a movie I was apprehensive – how could they pack everything in with just LEGO and would it be too childish? However, after I saw the trailer, I just had to go and see!

With slices of adult humour and throwback references, we knew we had to go and see it. So on Friday that is exactly what happened! While my partner and I were surrounded by families, I was glad to note some other couples munching on popcorn.

The jokes started from start to finish and I’m now officially scared of clown snakes! With a dramatic black opening and references to the 1960s TV series, a host of villains (who remembers Condiment King, Eraser and Killer Moth?) and even references to Superman, King Kong, Harry Potter, Daleks, the Wicked Witch of the West, and Lord of the Rings!

The concept of the story was all about having to work together to defeat the Joker and his plans to take over Gotham. Batman however, isn’t initially up to the job by first hurting the Joker’s feelings (who knew Superman was Batman’s greatest enemy?) leading to the Joker’s revenge plot. Then batman accidently adopts Dick Grayson, aka Robin, while trying to prove to the new Commissioner Barbara Gordon that the city still needs Batman. While eventually Batman realises that he needs Alfred, Robin and Barbra – we even see him make up with the Joker! In other words – there is a plot and the typical moral story you’d expect in a kids movie.

However, the genius of this film is that the children are entertained and meanwhile there are references from the 1940s Batman serials until the very latest movies and comics – so there’s times when you’ll relive your favourite batman moments from years gone by including the theme tune, the swirl of the scene change, various Batmobiles and the various outfits!

We were pleasantly surprised by the movie and would recommend the visit. If you’re going to watch it, adults will enjoy it just as much as the kids! There are lots of laughs no matter your age. Our vote is a 4/5.

Why not experience it in 4DX? The fourth dimension helps bring the movie alive! Click here to book your tickets.

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